Best Science Fiction Books

Best Science Fiction Books of 2022

Top 6 Best Science Fiction Books of 2022

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Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction. It typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts. A few of the science fiction genre’s subdomains are advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, interplanetary warfare, and so on.

Many people have fun watching movies based on TV shows or comic books. But the best part about reading a book is that it lets you completely immerse yourself in the world of your favorite characters.

6 Best science fiction books of 2022

For those who are looking for something new to read this year, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 Best science fiction books of 2022 to make this month especially thrilling!

1. “How High We Go in the Dark” by Sequoia Nagamatsu

In 2030, scientists unearth the immaculately preserved bones of a girl that appears to have died of an old illness. There, scientists unintentionally unleashed a scourge that will devastate and transform civilization for years. Readers adore the caring and ambitious tone of this 2022 publication, which is told in a succession of complicated and linked storylines.

How High We Go in the Dark

Sequoia Nagamatsu takes readers on a breathtakingly creative and compassionate trip, spanning countries, centuries, and even celestial bodies. She effortlessly conveys a narrative about the persistence of the human spirit, the boundless ability to dream, and the connected threads that bind us all together in the cosmos.

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2. “Tell Me an Ending” by Jo Harkin

Tell Me an Ending

“Tell Me an Ending” follows four people, among others, worldwide. They recently discovered they elected to have a memory wiped but now have the possibility to reclaim it. In this futuristic, dystopian sci-fi story about the effects of forgetting, Finn, an Irish architect living in the Arizona desert, suspects his attractive wife of having an affair. Mei, a disturbed grad school dropout in Kuala Lumpur, wonders why she recalls a city she has never visited. William, a former police inspector in England, is dealing with PTSD, the dissolution of his marriage, and his own hidden family background. Oscar, an attractive young guy with no memory, traverses the world in perpetual anxiety. Psychologist Noor delves further into technology as she strives to restore people’s lost memories.

3. Troaell Bridges by Edward Buckett

Troaell Bridges by Edward Buckett is one of the best science fiction books of 2022. This tale will transport you to another realm, FaEden, which existed before Earth. Troaell bridges might be your destination if you seek a blend of technology, magic, romance, adventure, and thrills.

Troaell Bridges by Edward Ted Buckett

The plot centers around two orphan kids who were lost and then guided by mother nature. The story starts when they return to FaEden to reunite with their deceased parents. This science fiction film has all of your favorite characters, with the addition of twins on their journey to find the reason for FaEden’s sickness.

4. “Dead Silence” by S.A. Barnes

When Claire Kovalik and her crew detect an unusual distress signal in space, they discover the Aurora. Aurora is a luxury space liner that famously vanished on her inaugural trip more than 20 years ago. This fast-paced sci-fi horror thriller unfolds with paranormal aspects. Furthermore, it covers horrifying turns as they begin to explore a narrative characterized as “The Titanic” meets “The Shining.”

Dead Silence

Whispers in the night, movement flickers, and messages written in blood. Claire must struggle to save her sanity and discover what truly occurred on the Aurora before she and her crew suffer the same fate.

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5. “The Kaiju Preservation Society” by John Scalzi

The Kaiju Preservation Society

From the famous author of the “Interdependency” series comes a new standalone story set in New York City during the COVID-19 epidemic. When Jamie delivers food to an old acquaintance, he is drawn into what he believes is an “animal rights organization.” However, the creatures are not from our planet. Jamie, now a member of the Kaiju Preservation Society finds the dinosaur-like animals. They wander an alternate, human-free dimension of Earth in this thrilling new novel that combines science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and humor.

6. “The Candy House” by Jennifer Egan

The Candy House

Own Your Unconscious is a game-changing technology that lets users access, download, and share any memory they’ve ever had. While some have enthusiastically welcomed the technology, others are concerned about its potential implications. “The Candy House” is one of the best science fiction books of 2022 to read. This story revolves around humanity’s urge for connection. In addition to that, it is told through a collection of connected vignettes spanning different lives, families, and decades.

Final Words

We’ll update this blog as we finish our to-read lists and new titles come out, so stay tuned! Till then, don’t forget to check the list of Top sci-fi fantasy books of all time