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Sci-fi has always been a teen’s favorite genre to read. And the good news is that there are plenty of great sci-fi books for teens.

Even as technology advances at a breakneck pace, science fiction writers continue to create mind-bending futuristic scenarios. Time-traveling trips, dystopian civilizations, alien invasions, and clever, daring rebels who rescue the day are some of the most famous plots among teens. The protagonists inspire teens in these tales. Nevertheless, these protagonists are teen heroes, from cyborgs to Starfighters, who use their intellect, ingenuity, and heart to prevail over oppression. Sci-fic characters are always exceptional, on Earth or elsewhere in the cosmos.

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Top 6 sci-fi books for teens

For teens, it is usually hard to find the best sci-fi book just right for them, especially if you want books with a sci-fi element. In due time, we’ve done all research for you and compiled a list of six amazing sci-fi books for teens to read and love.

1. The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman

The Infinity Courts

West world meets War cross in this high-stakes. This startlingly brilliant sci-fi novel by award-winning author Akemi Dawn Bowman is about a teen girl. Nami Miyamoto, the novel’s protagonist, is navigating an afterlife in a place called INFINITY. Infinity was the place where human consciousness travels when physical bodies expire. There she had to combat an AI monster bent on killing mankind.

2. Sanctuary by Caryn Lix


It is the story of Kenzie, a prison guard-in-training. The Sanctuary space station’s super-powered criminal adolescents kidnapped him. The reason behind his kidnapping was to force him to join them when alien monsters would invade the station.

3. Configured by Jeanette Penner


Jeanette Penner’s Configured kicks off this list of the finest sci-fi books for teens. Over a century ago, a virus decimated Earth’s population. The Citizens admire seventeen-year-old Avlyn for her exceptional intelligence. Whereas, Avlyn was separated from her twin brother in infancy and raised in the Citizen’s culture. She was reared far from the untamed, dangerous, and brutal Outerbounds. For now, Avlyn is approached by a rebel alliance, inviting her to join them just as she begins to see visions of her brother. Will she join the struggle for justice and a brighter future? You’ll have to turn the pages to find out.

4. Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray

Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray is the first novel in the three-volume Constellation series. Indeed, it is one of the finest sci-fi books for teens.

Defy the Stars

Noemi is a proud, deadly soldier on the planet Genesis. She is ready to defend her nation from foreign and local adversaries. on the other hand, Abel’s AI is starting to fail. In Genesis, everyone sees him as an abomination. Noemi and Abel embark on an interplanetary voyage that will cause them to reconsider all they thought they knew.

5. The Disasters by MK England

The Disasters

This entertaining and humorous stand-alone novel is our pick for any list of the finest sci-fi books. Pilot Nax Hall has made a series of poor mistakes. In the same way, it’s no surprise he was booted from the prestigious Ellis Station Academy in less than twenty-four hours. Then, just as he’s about to leave, the Academy is taken over by a terrorist gang. Nax and three other jerks survive, making them either heroes or villains, depending on who you believe. Nax and his buddies plan to avoid the blame. In addition to that, they set up a heist to end all heists that would reveal the truth about what really transpired. The Disasters features a fantastic antihero that you can’t help but cheer for and a dark sense of humor.

6. Troaell Bridges by Edward Buckett

Troaell Bridges by Edward Buckett

Troaell Bridges by Edward Buckett is one of the top-quality sci-fi books for teens. This tale will transport you to another realm, FaEden, which existed before Earth. Troaell bridges might be your destination if you seek a blend of technology, magic, romance, adventure, and thrills. The plot centers around two orphans who return to FaEden to reunite with their deceased parents. Furthermore, this science fiction novel has all of your favorite characters. Fasten your seatbelt and fly with Rexin to his cloud fort to see Maerlin’s tremendous witchcraft, the strength of Aerthur’s Excaliber, and the betrayal of the Gaeoblins and THE TROAELLS.


In summary, sci-fi books have never been hotter than they are right now. Perhaps it concerns our growing worries about climate change and global pandemics. We need escapism more than ever before. But generally, the increasing popularity of all things sci-fi is good news for book lovers everywhere. Like fantasy and historical fiction, sci-fi books for teens look beyond the real world to create new worlds to explore and new characters to fall in love with.




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