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Troaell Bridges

The best new sci fi book Troaell bridges is about before time commenced, the Creator made the world of FaEden and Earth as sister planets in distant history and linked them in separate dimensions. The Creator settled FaEden with a single folk race known as the Faefolk.

The world of Earth as we know it today was accidentally discovered some five hundred millennia ago, a mere blink in time’s eye, by Faefolk as they practiced their powers of magic. There were no intelligent folkraeces of any kind, and dangerous animals were everywhere. The land was not as idyllic and peaceful, with little or no magic.

The Faefolk lived a quiet, peaceful life in this paradise of plenty until the evolved folk race- Baeins, started to dominate other folkraeces with their new power of scaence. The balance of power was shifting, and Baeins were ordered to move on Earth.

This best new sci fi book will take you on the ride of FaEden with Jenna and Max on their adventures to find out about FaEden’s sickness caused by Baein’s scaence, practiced on Earth. Tie your seatbelt to fly with Rexin towards his cloud fort and experience Maerlin’s immense witchcraft and power of Aerthur’s Excaliber, love of Sara, and treachery of Gaeoblins and THE TROAELLS.

Why Read It?

Troaell Bridges

If you have a curious mind which never stops exploring the world and discerning the secrets mother nature reserves for us, this book is a perfect gift for you. Enrich your soul with this fantasy fiction book, an amusing fairytale with a rare fusion of the contemporary world and the early human race. Sounds interesting, right?

Are you wondering Is it a legend or what? Just know that it’s a fantasy fiction book that will compel you to rethink your origin and think beyond the obvious.

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