Edward Buckett

Sci fi writer Ted was born in 1954 in the village of Templetown, Co.Durham, Northeast England, at home in a house in the middle of Consett Iron Company. He emigrated to Toronto, Canada, on board the Empress of England in 1966. He started in Toronto, living in the Beaches, moved to Mississauga eight years later, then to Brampton after 20+ years. From Brampton, his family moved back to his roots, the village of Hillsburgh, for ten years and finally to forever after home in Peterborough.

His career initiated with being an accountant, first in the service industry, then with a cosmetic manufacturer, and finally in the trucking business.

Edward Ted Buckett, fills his time driving a school bus, fishing, and gardening in his retirement years. His retirement years living with his wife of 18 years and three golden retrievers, plus his Mum at 93 years old, made him continue the writing passion he got being a science fiction fan. This resulted in Sci fi writer Ted coming up with one of the best-selling sci fi books, Troaell Bridges is one of them.

edward buckett