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Have you ever wondered if you missed something indispensable about the origin of your mother planet, the Earth, The advent of Science, fantasy tales and the departure of humans from the land of Magic?

This fantasy tale book “Troaell Bridges” is about the inception of the universe when God created the world of FaEden. A few particles of divine power dusted from his hands and lingered the land on FaEden, bestowing its folks with extraordinary powers and Magic. Among all folk races of FaEden, Baeins were least equipped with Magic. They came up with self-created Magic to overcome this weakness and named it Science.

It’s a fantasy tale where a folks race from millions of years ago reconnects with their descendants in this contemporary world. Two kids who ran away from an orphanage accidentally ran into a bizarre bridge-Troaell. A rock that astonishingly speaks and is the only path to connect two worlds. The other side is a kingdom of Magic where peculiar things are normal.

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Edward Buckett’s Chapters

Book Chapters

Do you think the superpowers we assume as fiction could be true? It could be something that remained in our deep instincts of who we were millions of years ago. Learn how Max and Jennie could telepath their conversation- a mere power preceded a hidden family secret.


Chapter 01

He said, “They deserved that.”

“Yes!” she replied, “but remember this is a secret that we have to keep; Mummy and Daddy told us to be very careful, that people could be really mean if they found out we could do things they can’t.”

The two bullies were scratched, scraped, and took off like there was a monster chasing them.


Chapter 02

Jenna, can you hear me” Max called inside his head.
“Yes, I’m here,” came the reply from Jenna, “Are you OK?” she asked.
“Yes, how about you” replied Max.
“I’m fine too,” said Jenna.

“This place is a dump, and the people aren’t very nice, and I have to share a room and a bed, but George says he won’t share the bed, so I have to sleep on the floor. I don’t know how long I can stand this; it’s pretty awful”, Max complained.


Chapter 03

Max said, “come on, Jenna, we’d better run,” and they ran. The path was always clear for them. They soon found themselves running along the edge of a deep ravine. It was dark and looked bottomless as they ran beside it.

“Bridge, under, safe, maybe, goodbye, friends,” whispered in their heads.
“I don’t like it,” puffed Max.
“Me either,” gasped Jenna.


Chapter 04

Jenna and Max sat quietly behind the stones, not even talking to each other, exhausted from being chased and afraid the searchers would return.
Zzmellzz zrightz, Zzmellzz zwrongz,” they heard.

“What’s that noise?” Max asked, turning to Jenna.
“I don’t know,” she replied, “it sounded like it came from close by.”
“Zzmellzz zrightz, Zzmellzz zwrongz,” they heard.
“It’s coming from the pile of rocks,” Max cried out, jumping backward.

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Edward Buckett

Edward Ted Buckett was born in 1954 in the village of Templetown, Co.Durham, Northeast England, at home in a house in the middle of Consett Iron Company. He emigrated to Toronto, Canada, on board the Empress of England in 1966. He started in Toronto, living in the Beaches, moved to Mississauga eight years later, then to Brampton after 20+ years. From Brampton, his family moved back to his roots, the village of Hillsburgh, for ten years and finally to forever after home in Peterborough.

His career initiated with being an accountant, first in the service industry, then with a cosmetic manufacturer, and finally in the trucking business.

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Troaell Bridges

If you have a curious mind which never stops exploring the world and discerning the secrets mother nature reserves for us, this best sci fi fantasy books 2022 is a perfect gift for you. Enrich your soul with best sci fi book of all time, an amusing fantasy tale with a rare fusion of the contemporary world and the early human race. Sounds interesting, right?

Are you wondering Is it a legend or what? Just know that it’s a best sci fi book of all time that will compel you to rethink your origin and think beyond the obvious.

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Troaell Bridges

Troaell Bridges is one of the best sci fi fantasy books 2022. This best sci fi book of all time will transport you to the world of Magic, where you might wonder if your ancestor also dwells as the two orphan kids, Max and Jenna, come across the truth of their family lineage. It’s a world where humans lived with fellow creatures millions of years ago. It’s a fantasy tale of how humans chose to move to Earth, leaving all other folk races of the planet FaEden? The secret discloses to two little kids who lost their parents in a car accident and then reunited in a secret world. Do you want to see it? check the trailer!


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